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Shailene Woodley for InStyle Magazine

Shailene Woodley for InStyle Magazine

We’ve added photos of Shailene Woodley’s photoshoot for InStyle Magazine. You can check them by clicking on the thumbnails below:

InStyle – For our June cover, InStyle editor-in-chief Laura Brown sat down with the five stars of Big Little Lies to hear what they had to say about their hit series, their lives, and their relationships with each other. Each interview, like the show itself, touches on love, friendship, struggle, and ambition — which these women have in spades.

LAURA BROWN: Would you characterize yourself as an ambitious person?

SHAILENE WOODLEY: The word “ambition” has so many negative connotations for me because I feel like it can be cruel in a lot of ways. I think of people using other people. Oftentimes ambition can easily be “Get out of my way because I have a goal, and anything standing in front of me is going to be completely eradicated.” But every word has a polarity, and we can all define things differently. People always talk about ambition in terms of dreams and goals and success, but ambition can also be humble.

LB: Yeah, you can be ambitious to love someone, to effect a change. So how driven were you when you were young?

SW: I’ve always been driven. But I’ve been driven by … Listen, I have to be careful about the words I choose because it’s easy for people to call me a hippie. [laughs]

LB: You’re fine. You said you had a burger the other night. That’s, you know, not eating lentils.

SW: For sure. [laughs] I truly feel like I’ve been driven by something greater than myself. The great unknown is figuring out which direction to go in and which path will have the least resistance for not only my journey but for doing something to leave things a little nicer than they were before.

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